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Online Tutorials by the UCSF Library
Description: Brief multimedia tutorials about Library resources, literature searching, and new technologies.
Subjects: Information Technology
Last updated: 2011-09-16
Category: Public Interest
Access: Public
Podcast Owner: Josephine Tan
 Episode Title
ProceduresConsult 2010-09-16 Overview of features in ProceduresConsult Play
PubMed search filters 2010-09-16 How to create PubMed search filters Play
HaPI to RefWorks 2009-09-28 Importing References from HaPI to RefWorks Play
Connecting to VPN 2009-09-28 Remote access to library resources through VPN Play
JSTOR to RefWorks 2009-09-28 Importing References from JSTOR to RefWorks Play
Web of Science - Find who has cited a paper 2009-09-28 Find who has cited a paper Play
PsycINFO to RefWorks 2009-09-28 Importing References from PsycINFO to RefWorks Play
STATRef! Multi-search 2009-09-28 Using the interface to search all books Play
ERIC Database - Using descriptors 2009-09-07 Using descriptors to formulate an advanced search Play
Google Scholar - Re-sort results 2009-09-07 Google Scholar (0:58 min) - Re-sort results by date. Play
Google Scholar - Who has cited? 2009-09-07 Google Scholar (0:43 min) - Find who has cited a publication. Play
Google Scholar - Import citations 2009-09-07 Import citations into EndNote/RefWorks Play
CINAHL references to RefWorks 2009-09-07 CINAHL - Moving References from CINAHL to RefWorks Play
Google Maps (1:46) 2009-02-09 Get walking and transit directions from Google Maps. Play
Firefox Live Bookmarks (2:52 min) 2007-04-01 Learn a convenient way to view RSS updates in a Firefox browser. Play
RSS (3:48 min) 2007-04-01 Learn about RSS and why you should consider using it. Play
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