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Dermatology Instructional Videos
Description: Dermatology Instructional Videos
Subjects: Health Sciences Education
Last updated: 2011-12-07
Category: School of Medicine
Access: Public
Podcast Owner: Sarah Cipriano
 Episode Title
The Dermatologic Exam 2011-12-07 Skin Exam, Indiana University Play
Punch biopsy 2011-12-07 How to perform a punch biopsy Play
Excisional biopsy 2011-12-07 How to perform an excisional biopsy Play
Scissor biopsy 2011-12-07 How to perform a scissor biopsy Play
Shave biopsy 2011-12-07 How to perform a shave biopsy Play
Local anesthesia 2011-12-07 Local anesthesia Play
Informed consent 2011-12-07 Obtaining informed consent Play
Cryotherapy 2011-12-07 Cryotherapy Play
Pathology requests 2011-12-07 How to fill out pathology requests Play
Total Body Skin Exam 2011-03-23 Total Body Skin Exam Play
KOH exam 2011-03-14 KOH exam Play
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