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UCSF MS Center Podcast- What you need to know
Description: UCSF MS Center Podcast- What you need to know
Subjects: Clinical Medicine, Neurosciences
Last updated: 2012-08-21
Category: School of Medicine
Access: Public
Podcast Owner: Liz Crabtree-Hartman
 Episode Title
Do interferons help in the long run? Comments on the JAMA paper 2012-08-21 An interview with Dr. Douglas Goodin, medical director at the UCSF MS Center, covers a recent publication that calls interferon therapy into question Play
Spinal Cord Syndromes- What is Myelitis? 2011-07-21 Dr. Liz Crabtree and Dr. Tim West discuss spinal cord syndromes - what you need to know. Play
Tysabri- Can a New Blood Test Help Prevent PML? 2011-02-07 Dr. Liz Crabtree discusses Tysabri and how it works. An interview with Dr. Bruce Cree provides information regarding a new blood test that may help predict which Tysabri users are at low risk for PML. Play
Vitamin D & MS- what's the story? 2010-10-14 An interview with Dr. Ellen Mowry from UCSF provides important insight into what we know about vitamin D and MS. Play
UCSF MS Center Podcast: A new pill for MS- fingolimod 2010-09-22 An overview of the history of fingolimod, how it works, how well it works, and common side-effects/safety issues. Play
UCSF MS Center Podcast: An Introduction 2010-07-17 This is an overview of our first season of the UCSF MS Center Podcast. Play
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